Friday, October 12, 2012

Made Dispatch Furniture Is Superior to Pre-Fabricated Products

If there's one thing that can derail a dispatch operator's performance, it's poorly designed and manufactured dispatch furniture. There are several reasons to be careful when selecting a dispatch console. Here are a few of them:
  • A dispatch operator often works long, strenuous shifts. The only way to make this demanding job easier is by investing in comfortable, yet highly functional dispatch furniture.

  • A dispatch console employed in an emergency dispatch facility, or command center needs to accommodate ancillary equipment based on specific applications. All of this equipment and cabling is to be efficiently, yet neatly installed.

  • Adjustability of dispatch furniture is critical to the well-being of operators because they must stand for extended periods of time without a break. Not all operators have the same height, or body structure, so it's important that whenever possible, that the desk top surface be able to lift and lower quietly and safely.
Although these are just a few considerations, it's important that a dispatch console be configured to the specific application. That's why custom dispatch furniture is found in more dispatch centers than ever before.
Pre-fabricated or off-the-shelf furniture doesn't always meet the needs of the user. Moreover, one can't predict how long the furniture will last because conventional laminates are prone to chipping, scratching and de-gluing unlike the latest space-age surface materials. And it should be said that pre-fabricated metal dispatch furniture does not allow for customized features that meet unusual design, or performance requirements.
Dispatch consoles that are made to specifications allow for customized features that are not available in a pre-fabricated product. A custom manufacturer can design to specific shape and size to fit a room with unique characteristics. And combining features like a power assisted lift with book shelves is an example of something you would not normally see in a pre-fabricated product, but is something that can be done for a custom product.
Consult your dispatch furniture provider for a professional opinion on whether you should opt for a split level or single surface workstation. If you can afford it, an adjustable dispatch console offers better ergonomic value for the investment. Choose from options such as a manually adjustable surface, or a power assisted lift.
Made-to-order 911 dispatch furniture is shipped in pre-assembled modules that can easily pass through a standard doorway. This means that the buyer can save money by installing the workstations without factory help.
There are many reasons to go with a custom control room console and it doesn't necessarily mean higher cost. However, it does mean the best investment for the long term and the welfare of the end user.

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